Goals & Objectives


The Global Citizens' Forum on Sustainable Development is an open and inclusive forum for people to engage with and commit to the challenges of building a sustainable future for all.

The goal of the Forum  is to create the space for promoting and supporting innovative action and productive collaboration to realize sustainable development goals all over the world.

The intention of the Forum is to build adiverse space where an individual or organization from any walk of life (INGOs, NGOs, think tanks, academic institutions, research organizations, business associations, media, voluntary associations, activists, students, young professionals etc.) committed to upholdingthe values and goals of sustainable development may join to exchange their experience, opinion, best practices, and innovative ideas, while promoting proper implementation of the SDGs.

Objectives of the Forum

To share knowledge and experience on sustainable development goals (SDGs) among all members of the Forum through organizing conferences and workshops, sharing news and ideas, and other public forums after 2015;To track and monitor progress in attaining sustainable development goals in all member countries after 2015;To build the capacity of the members to enable them to take an active role at national, regional, and global level activities after 2015;To promote sustainable development goals across the globe; andTo conduct policy advocacy at all levels of governance to ensure successful implementation of the activities towards achieving the targets of the SDGs after 2015.

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