Resources of the Forum

Resources of the Forum are arranged from individual and organizational membership fees, individual donations, and through establishing sponsorships from individuals, donors, corporate houses, UN organizations, and others. Crowd sourcing is also availed to mobilize resources for objectively defined activities to increase individual participation from all over the world.

Proposed Activities of the Forum

    • Finalization and dissemination of the announcement of the Global Citizens' Forum on Sustainable Development locally and globally
    • Resource mobilization activities will be carried out for smooth implementation of Forum activities after 2015
    • All country's civil societies and academia will take part in the Forum as a representative of a country-wide citizens' forum
    • A face for the SDGs will be established through different social mobilization and media related activities within developed countries; this will give a clear understanding about global development actions implemented in different developing countries through the tax and foreign aid funds of developed country citizen
    • Produce position papers through conferences and disseminate the papers to international development governing bodies such as, WHO, UN agencies and others
    • Moreover, civil society members will share the papers with their respected country's government bodies and service delivery agents
    • The position paper will be shared in the following events through this platform
      • A monitoring framework will be developed to assess the progress and gaps inherent to the implementation of sustainable development goals
      • An annual Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) progress report will be published as a document of civil society observation
      • A global media tracking system will be developed and information will be published weekly to be shared and used among the members
      • Conduct social mobilization, research and advocacy activities to be carried out in all members' countries after 2015
      • Annual global summit will be organized to exchange global experiences and publish annual progress reports on SDGs from 2016
    • Moreover, the following activities are also proposed for immediate implementation up to 2015
      • World Health Assembly (67th)
        Date: 19-24 May 2014, Venue: Geneva, Switzerland
      • 3rd Bangladesh Summit on Sustainable Development
        Date: 17-19 August 2014, Venue: Dhaka, Bangladesh
      • Side Event for Citizens' Forum Summit on Sustainable Development
        Date: 21st and 23rd September 2014, Venue: Washington DC and New York, USA
      • 3rd Global Conference on Community Health
        Date: 21-22nd September 2015, Venue: New York, USA
      • 4th Bangladesh Summit on Sustainable Development
        Date: 8-11th December 2015, Venue: Dhaka, Bangladesh

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